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ATCx Driving Innovation in Electric Powertrain

Why Simulation is the Key to Deliver the Electric Transportation Revolution

Free Virtual Event – 30 March from 09:00 – 13:00 BST

We are witnessing the development of Next Generation Smart products, facilitated by the drive towards a zero-emissions world. These products are electric, connected and mechatronic in nature; developed across industry (automotive, aerospace, defence etc). The new beating heart of these products is the electric powertrain, consisting of batteries, gears, and e-motors.

This is the age of digital and simulation will be the key technology for electric powertrain development. It is predictive and intelligent, reducing physical test requirements by representing complex physics (electrical, electromagnetics, thermal, CFD etc) while injecting innovation through optimisation and AI technologies. Performance of the various components and resulting system can be optimised, while machine learning can be deployed to create accurate surrogate models (e.g. batteries) to accelerate simulation times, all delivered to the timescales demanded by the design process.

Unique Agenda Showcasing New Advance in Simulation Technology

The strong agenda below has been curated to illustrate how Altair and our customers are pushing simulation technology to deliver Next Generation products that are cost-effectively developed and contain high levels of product differentiation.

The battery session commences with a demystification of cell modelling and the utilization of various simulation environments (i.e. 1D to 3D) to rapidly develop and optimise a complete battery pack. This requires the simulation of complex multi-physics behaviour including the incorporation of the Battery Management System. The gears session showcases gear / e-motors coupling to assess Noise and Vibration together with how the efficiency of oiling strategies can be assessed. Finally, the electric motor session will demonstrate how motor configurations can be optimized for electromagnetic and structural performance attributes.

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